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    • Please start the feedback with ‘As a local resident, I am in favour of the plans by Dublin City Council to make improvements to Martin Savage Park as set out in the Part 8 planning application documents posted online’.
    • In particular, I am in favour of the 130m x 70m  all-weather pitch capable of playing juvenile GAA games. I would like to request that the floodlighting levels are capable of being consistent throughout the pitch to allow soccer and GAA games to be played.
    • I am also in favour of the other improvements proposed for Martin Savage Park, including the following:
      • Improvement to the main GAA pitch which includes floodlighting, improvements to the drainage, and a sand-based playing surface to allow for greater availability during the playing season.
      • Please add any additional MSP park features that you are in favour of. See below for more facts & figures about MSP.
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For your club. For your community. For the future.

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Facts to include in your submission


of our 1,300+ members live within one mile of MSP (to Nephin Road)

Over 200 Nursery, 600 Juvenile, and 500 Adult members

Plus an associated 360 parents of nursery and juvenile members.


male to female ratio within the club. Our female ratio has been growing steadily over the last number of years.

Facts about MSP during 2023

Unplayable Pitches

February – May: MSP was unavailable for 7 out of 17 weekends from (41%).

September – early December: MSP was unavailable for 7 of 15 weekends (46%).

The Easter Camp had to be moved to another location and last-minute cancellation of games (in May!) due to condition of pitches.

Improvements Needed

An All-Weather surface and improved drainage and floodlighting on existing pitches are badly needed to provide playing pitches for training and matches during the season.

Want Further Information?

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